This section is a compilation of papers written by myself, Don Davis, during my years as West Coast Sales manager for a large factory assembled cooling tower manufacturer and later as a cooling tower sales representative and still later as an owner/operator of a cooling tower repair company in California.

Currently I live near Denver, CO and operate Expert Colorado Cooling Tower Repair.

This work is a fundamental discourse on cooling towers and is written for those who want to gain a simple, intuitive understanding of cooling towers and their operation. Nut and bolt issues concerning factory assembled equipment are featured although field erected towers, fluid coolers and evaporative condensers are given some attention. New mechanical system designers, contractors, water treatment service personnel, building engineers and facility managers should all find items of interest. This is not rocket science- just one person's compilation of observations and opinions.

The less initiated should read this information from front to back while the more experienced are advised to start with the check list in chapter 17 and review the intermediate material as necessary. While short, Chapter seventeen is really the heart of this work. Thoughtful consideration of each check list item should help lead the new system designer to a trouble free installation. In some cases, the material can be used to diagnose problems with existing installations.

I have had the opportunity to be involved with thousands of cooling tower installations and have concluded that challenges presented by cooling towers are rarely unique. If someone has a problem, it is almost certain that it is-or has been- shared at other job sites. It is the aim of this paper to aid in the reduction of bone head mistakes- and those a bit more subtle- that lead to less than satisfactory operation be it thermal performance, shortened life, wasteful operation, difficult maintenance or whatever.

This work is not intended to promote any particular brand cooling tower. It addresses issues common to all- no matter the manufacturer. It is left to sales representatives, factory salesmen, after market manufacturers, etc. to tout exclusive sales features.

The reader is responsible to assess the accuracy of the information presented; There is no guarantee that it is correct.

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Don Davis