CHAPTER 11 | Specifications

Sample specifications are available from all the major manufacturers. This, then, will simply be some thoughts about specs.

• The designer should have a clear understanding as to the type of cooling tower he/she wants. Counterflow, crossflow, prop fan, centrifugal fan, draw thru, blow thru, factory/field assembled, galvanized/stainless steel/composite materials etc. are all part of the homework. (Chapters 1&2 of this work, the input of coworkers, and cooling tower sales representatives can help the new designer bring this together.)

• Select an appropriate manufacturers guide specification as a basis of design. If that manufacturers design is desired, leave it alone but keep in mind that the more generic the spec, the more competition between prospective suppliers.

• It is not a good idea to mix all the specs together and treat them as a giant menu from which to pick and choose. Not all features are available on all towers; Some combinations are impossible to achieve; Others simply don’t make sense. Specifying a tapered discharge hood on a prop fan draw thru tower will instantly brand the specifier as someone who would cater a Bar Mitzvah with ham sandwiches. So, don’t be a dork!

• Modify the sample spec sparingly for clarity and to insure multiple bidders when appropriate.

• Show the spec to prospective cooling tower sales reps and request their input.

Prepare the final draft and be prepared to defend the specification once it is written. Insist that the desired level of quality be maintained.